Alternative DNS Servers


This is the first e-book (pdf, 11Mb) to survey the commonly-available DNS servers. It helps the reader choose the most suitable server for their site or application.

It addresses performance and security issues, and describes the different scenarios where each server is particularly useful.

It explains how DNS information can be stored in LDAP directories, or SQL databases, which lets the reader built robust DNS systems, that can also be managed by multiple, distributed, system management staff.

It also describes a few specialized DNS servers designed for some unusual purposes.

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Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to the DNS
2. How to represent zone data and where to store it
3. Preparing for your implementation
4. MaraDNS
5. MyDNS
6. PowerDNS Authoritative Server
7. An overview of BIND
8. BIND's Simplified Database Interface
9. Bind DLZ
10. Name Server Daemon (NSD)
11. tinydns
12. ldapdns
13. dnsmasq
14. DNS on Microsoft Windows
15. DNS and Perl
16. DNS blacklists
17. Caching name servers
18. Delegation and private DNS roots
19. Updating DNS zones and their associated records
20. The Name Service Switch
21. Internationalized Domain Names
22. Introducing DNSSEC
23. Performance
24. Securing and monitoring your DNS servers
A. Getting started with (Open)LDAP
B. Use $INCLUDE and fix your soa
D. Bind DLZ
E. Perl DNS name servers
F. User Defined Functions in MySQL
G. Bits and pieces
H. Scripting PowerDNS Recursor with the Lua programming language


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