Iomega IX2 (and other NAS devices) making read-only partitions writable

One of the disadvantages of the Iomega IX2-200 NAS device is that once you want to startup a daemon on startup of want to modify settings which you cant modify by the webinterface, you need to gain access the the shell, edit the neccessary config files or startup scripts, but you face the fact that the partitions are read-only or even if the config file is stored on a writable partition, the modification is not persistant while it will be over written at the next reboot. To solve this you need to make the read-only partition writable.

First you need to gain ssh access to your Iomega IX2. Therefor you need to login to the webinterface of your IX2 and go to the support access page, https://your-NAS-ip/supportaccess.html

On this page check the box 'Allow remote access for support (SSH and SFTP)' and save the configuration by clicking 'Apply'. Now you can access the IX2 with your ssh client as user root with the password 'soho' and adding the password which you use as the admin user of the web interface. (i.e. if your 'admin' password is 'mypassword' you can login by ssh using 'sohomypassword')

Now we can make the read-only partitio, for example /mnt/apps, writable

mknod -m0660 /dev/loop3 b 7 3 
chown root.disk /dev/loop3
mkdir /tmp/apps
mount -o loop /boot/images/apps /tmp/apps
We can now modify any default config file we would like to modify. For example if you want to modify the behaviour of the Twonky Mediaserver and you want to enable its webinterface by default, you can modify /tmp/apps/usr/local/twonky/twonkyvision-mediaserver.ini by editing it in vi and modify the line showing enableweb=0 and change it to enableweb=2 If this was the only thing you wanted to modify you can make this setting permanent by unmounting the partition and reboot your IX2;
umount /tmp/apps
rm /dev/loop3

When your IX2 has been started you can check if Twonky Media server webinterface is running by heading to its page :http://your-IX2-ip:4000/.




0 # JVSANTEN 2012-09-24 19:09
If forgot to mention; my device is the Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 (Non Cloud)

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