Restriction to use previous passwords

pam_unix makes it possible to maintain a users password history and prevent the user will re-use the password. The parameter remember is used to set the number of passwords to keep in the history for each user. An example how to set this up: First of all we need to check if the file /etc/security/opasswd exists on your system and is only writable and readable by root. If the file doesn't exists create it:

Prevent non-root users from logging into the system

Sometimes it can useful to prevent non-root users from logging into the system for example during a maintainance. If you, as root, create a new file /etc/nologin and write a message in it. Any non-root user is refused to login and the message written in /ect/nologin will be displayed. Change back to normal and allow other users to login again, by deleting /etc/nologin
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